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Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark? Full Guide

Where To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark: A new game that has recently gained popularity is Lost Ark. It is a game in which players compete to find six lost masterpieces while assuming the role of a grandmaster of the light or dark forces.

This game is full of retribution, justice, and strength. The player must engage in multiple battles with enemies and complete the master’s secret missions also know where to turn in the masterpiece Lost Ark.

How Is A Masterpiece Lost Ark Found?

where to turn in masterpieces lost ark

After scouring the world’s finest museums and private collections, a lost masterpiece ark is discovered. The procedure begins with a list of every known painting by the concerned artist.

After identifying all of the paintings, the next step is to locate any lost or missing pieces. This is a challenging and time-consuming task, but it must be completed in order to locate the lost ark.

There are numerous techniques for locating missing or misplaced paintings. One method is to examine old auction catalogs and records. Consult art historians and specialists who may be acquainted with previously unknown works.

Lastly, studying the artist’s correspondence and other papers can frequently yield information about missing paintings.

Once a painting is discovered, it must be authenticated as an authentic work by the artist in question. This can be accomplished by comparing the painting to other known works by the same artist, examining the style and techniques used, and analyzing the signature and date.

If all of these factors indicate that the painting is an authentic work by the artist, then it can be considered a lost Ark.

What Can You Turn Into The Lost Ark Masterpieces Council?

The council is always searching for lost ark masterpieces to add to its masterpiece collection lost ark.

You are permitted to bring any lost ark masterpieces to the council. They will appreciate your assistance and may even compensate you for your discovery.

What Are You Able To Submit To The Council Of Lost Ark Masterpieces?

The council meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. EST in the Council Chamber.

Exists A Limit On The Number Of Masterpieces That May Be Submitted?

where to turn in masterpieces lost ark

No, there is no limit on how many works of art you may submit. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine where to go in Masterpiece Lost Ark.

So, no more wondering! In this article, I will explain where you can return your Masterpieces. Therefore, the next time you find yourself in possession of a large quantity of lost artwork, head over to the Lost Ark and exchange it for quick cash.

Lost Ark Masterpiece Rewards

You must exchange the Masterpieces you collect during your run for rewards. Masterpieces can be exchanged for rewards by traveling to Sunflower Island and interacting with the NPC Alfonso. For a certain number of Masterpieces, the following rewards are available:

Masterpieces CollectedRewards
2x Masterpieces30x Soul Leaf
4x MasterpiecesEmote: Proud
6x MasterpiecesUncommon Card Pack x3
8x MasterpiecesVitality Increase Potion
10x MasterpiecesSunflower Island Soul
12x Masterpieces20x Eternity Essence
14x MasterpiecesStat Increase Potion
16x Masterpieces3x Rare Card Pack
18x MasterpiecesStructure: Azure Hill
20x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
22x Masterpieces15x Creation Fragment
24x MasterpiecesConviction
26x MasterpiecesEpic Card
28x MasterpiecesStructure: By Lantern’s Light
30x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
32x Masterpieces10x Menelik’s Tome
34x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
36x MasterpiecesWei Card
38x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
40x MasterpiecesTitle “Art Aficionado”
42x MasterpiecesStructure: Divine Protection
44x MasterpiecesJudgment
46x MasterpiecesGuardian Luen Card
48x MasterpiecesGreatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

How To Obtain Lost Ark Artifacts

In each category, we have outlined how to acquire a particular Masterpiece.
• Sunflower Island – Resident Artist
Una’s Responsibility
• Ozhong Hills Una’s Assignment: The Cursed Ruins (Work No. 9)
• Wavestrand Port, Masterwork Number Ten Una’s responsibility is to keep the port operational.
• Karlhertz Una’s Assignment: Prisoner Release (Work No. 18)
• The nineteenth masterpiece is Freedom Island Archaeologist’s Request: Una’s Assignment
• Task of Fermata Una: Fermata’s Real Manager • Masterpiece #28: Cradle of the Sea
• Una’s Assignment – Masterwork # 48 – Star Sand Beach
• New Vernesian Exploration Vessel Missing Ark
• Work of Art No. 3 – 30 Island Tokens
• World Tree Leaf x24 – No. 11 Masterpiece
• Giant’s Heart x9 – Work of Art No. 21
• Island Token x55 – Masterpiece # 22
• Masterpiece # 23 – 30 Sea Bounties
• 950 Mokoko Seeds – Masterpiece # 32
• Giant’s Heart multiplied by eleven – Masterpiece No. 33
• Island Token x75 – Masterpiece # 38
• Sea Bounties x38 – Work of Art No. 39
• 1150 Mokoko Seeds – Masterpiece # 44
• Masterpiece No. 14 – Cube
• Masterpiece No. 15 – Silent Hall
• Masterpiece No. 17 – Shadespire Floor 25 LVL 440
• Masterpiece 24 – Cube
• Masterpiece 25 – Silent Hall
• Masterpiece 24 – Cube
• Masterpiece 25 – Silent Hall
• Masterpiece 35 – Silent Hall
• Masterpiece 36 – Elite Cube
• Masterpiece 40 – Elite Cube
• Masterpiece 41 – Silent Hall
• Masterpiece 45
• Masterpiece No. 2 – Stronghold Merchant Illayne x4,275 Raid Seal
• Masterpiece No. 12 – Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa x3,600 Gienah’s Coin
• Masterpiece No. 20 – Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau x3,300 Gienah’s Coin
• Masterpiece No. 27 – New Vernese Exploration Ship x10,000 Pirate Coin
• Masterwork # 34 – Atropos the Black Merchant (Hidden Area) x30,000 Pirate Coin

Secrets-Guided Map
• Masterpiece No. 16 – Any Chaos Gate – Secret Map
• Masterpiece No. 26 – Yorn Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher
• Masterpiece No. 47 – Punika Chaos Gate – Secret Map and More


Caucasus Rapport, Reliable Stage Masterpiece No. 29

Hints And Tips Regarding To Turn In Masterpieces Lost Ark

where to turn in masterpieces lost ark

There are many Masterpieces to collect, and it will take a considerable amount of time. Sunflower Island Token and Artist’s Treasure Chest are beneficial Masterpiece rewards.

If you don’t want to spend too much time playing the game, you can restrict yourself to these two Masterpiece rewards. However, in order to fully complete the game, these are the required Masterpieces.

You will continue to receive Masterpieces as you progress through the game. You don’t have to exert too much effort to obtain these, and you can still enjoy the game.

Completing Unai’s Tasks and obtaining Secret Maps from the Chaos Gate are the simplest methods.
Regularly performing these actions will make acquiring the Masterpieces simple.

In addition, advancing through the Adventure Tomes will yield a multitude of excellent Masterpieces. These require minimal effort and can be completed concurrently with other tasks.

Purchase Of A Masterpiece

• On Sunflower Island, you must first complete the Artist in Residence Quest.
• Secondly, I acquired 4,275 Raid Seals from Stronghold Merchant Elayne.
• Acquire 30 Island Tokens.
• On the fourth level, halfway through the Adventure Tome in East Luterra.
• Fifth – About halfway through the Tortoyk Adventure Tome.
• Anikka has finished fifty percent of the Adventure Tome.
• Seventh – North Vern, roughly in the middle of the Adventure Tome.
• Eighth – Forty percent of the Shushire Adventure Tome is complete.
• Ninth – Complete Una’s Task in order to fulfill the reputation requirement for Una’s Task: The Cursed Ruins at Ozhorn Hill.
• Tenth – Complete Una’s Task Managing the Port in accordance with Wavestrand Port’s Reputation criteria.

A Second Group Of Ten Masterpieces

On November 11, collect 30 World Tree Leaves.
• 12th – Exchanged 3,600 Gienah’s Coin with Navigator Rosa in Blackfang’s Den.
• 13th – Complete the Liebeheim Pain to Gain Quest.
• 14th – Achieved by any Cube
• Any Boss Rush can result in the fifteenth.
• 16th – Obtained from any Chaos Secret Gate Map.
• 17th – Achieved by achieving Floor 25 in Shadespire with an ilvl of at least 440.
• Complete the Reputation for Una’s Task Prisoner Release requirement on the 18th in Kalthertz.
• 19th – Complete the Freedom Isle reputation criterion by completing Una’s job, An Archaeologist’s Request.July 20th – Paid Favreau 3,300 Gienah’s Coins on Starlight Isle.
•July 20th – Paid Favreau 3,300 Gienah’s Coins on Starlight Isle.

The Third Set Of Ten Masterpieces By Lost Ark

• On the 21st, obtain nine Hearts of Giants.
• On February 22, obtain 55 Island Tokens.
• On September 23, you will receive 30 Sea Bounties.
• 24th – Achieved by any Cube
• The twenty-fifth can be obtained from any Boss Rush.
• Requires Yorn’s Chaos Secret Gate Map or higher to obtain.
• 27th – Bartered 10,000 Pirate Coins with the New Vernese Exploration Ship.
• On the 28th day, complete Una’s Task Fermata’s criterion for True Manager’s Reputation in Cradle of the Sea Fermata.
• On the 29th, move Calvasus’ Rapport to the Trusted Stage.

The Fourth Collection Of Ten Masterpieces

  • Receive 950 Mokoko Seeds in February.
  • 33rd – Accumulate 11 Giant Hearts.
  • 34th – Purchased from Atropos Black Merchant for 30,000 Pirate Coins.
  • Any Boss Rush can reach the 35th position.
  • At least Elite Cube (36th) is required.
  • 37th – Forty percent of the Feiton Adventure Tome is complete.
  • Receive 75 Island Tokens on turn 38.
  • Acquire 38 Sea Bounties at level 39.
  • At level 40, it is possible to obtain an Elite Cube or higher.

Final Set Of Lost Ark Masterpiece

  • Given to every Boss Rushes.
  • Obtained with the Chaos Secret Gate Map of Felton or higher.
  • Forty percent of the Punika Adventure Tome is finished.
  • On day 44, receive 1,150 Mokoko Seeds.
  • The Dimension Cube placed 45th overall.
  • The Hall of the Sun Boss Rush ranks 46th on the list.
  • 47th – Obtained by using Punika’s Chaos Secret Gate Map or a higher tier map.
  • 48th – Meet the prerequisite for Una’s Task A Relaxing Hot Springs Part-Time Job in the Reputation of Stars and Beach.
  • The South Vern Adventure Tome is currently sixty percent complete.
  • Fifty – Meet the reputation threshold for Una’s Task Unfinished Journey in Candaria Estate South Vern.
  • 51st – Obtained through the South Vern Chaos Secret Gate Map.
  • 52nd – Raise the amount of trust in Neria’s rapport.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, everything revolved around where to return the masterpieces. This manual ought to have been helpful to you. You may also read our additional guides, such as How to Acquire More Ships in Lost Ark.

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