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Know About Lost Ark Jewel Coral And How To Find It?

If players can obtain some Lost Ark Jewel Coral, they will be able to obtain a fashionable mount. The luxury goods merchant lost ark mocks them with the Azure and Yellow Moss Turtle mounts, but how can they obtain the necessary jewel coral lost ark?

Because Arkesia is a large region, finding Jewel Coral to obtain one of these turtle mounts is difficult. Patience is also required because Jewel Coral cannot be harvested until level 50.
This unique artifact can be found on Turtle Island, which is located near Anikka.

It needs a level 50 or higher character, a ship, and completion of the “To the Sea” questline, which is the sequel to “The Turtle and the Boy,” which is also located in the area.

Upon completion, you will receive a Jewel Coral; continue reading to learn how to use it in the lost ark jewel coral vendor.

What To Do With Jewel Coral In Lost Ark

lost ark jewel coral

You can swap a Jewel Coral for either the Yellow Moss Turtle or the Azure Moss Turtle in any major hub city. Both turtles are statistically identical; all you have to do is pick a color.

These massive turtle mounts have a base speed of 420 and a dash ability, allowing you to travel at a shocking speed. It’s fascinating to watch them go away.

Go get a massive turtle mount now that you know what Jewel Coral is used for and how to gather it in Raiders of the Lost Ark! Below in the article also know what to do with jewel coral lost ark.

Where Can I Find The Lost Ark Coral Jewel?

Finishing the To the Sea quest on Turtle Island will reward you with the Jewel Coral, a rare-tier item. You must first gain access to Lost Ark ships before traveling to the island off the coast of Anikka.

To the Sea is the final assignment in a series that starts with The Turtle and the Boy and ends when you find someone on moss Turtle Island. A minimum level of 50 is required. Completing the questline will also grant you an Island Token in addition to the Jewel Coral.

Once you’ve obtained a Jewel Coral, you can exchange it for a Luxury Goods Merchant in any large city. This will allow you to obtain either the rare Yellow Moss Turtle or the uncommon Azure Moss Turtle mount. They all have the same starting speed of 420 and the ability to dash.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Lost Ark Jewel Coral, you can go find it and get a brand-new horse. You might also want to know how to get jewel coral lost ark.

How To Get Raiders Of The Lost Ark’s Jewel Coral

  • Before you may start looking for Jewel Coral in Lost Ark, you must first complete two tasks:
  • Completing plot objectives until you reach the Set Sail quest, which follows Have to Half It, will get you your first ship.
  • You must be at least level 50.
  • After completing these objectives, you can set sail toward Turtle Island. It’s marked on the map below, courtesy of Papunika’s Lost Ark’s overworld map.

Jewel Coral: The Lost Ark Guide

lost ark jewel coral

The Jewel Coral is a very uncommon coin that is required to purchase a mount in Lost Ark. To obtain this currency, players must complete a task chain on Turtle Island, a small island located between Pleccia and Anikka.

To gain access to this island, players must first finish the main plot of East Luterra. The region’s last mission, “Set Sail!,” grants players access to the World Map of Arkesia through boat transport.

Following that, Raiders of the Lost Ark enthusiasts will be able to explore Turtle Island and freely traverse the oceans.

However, there is a level prerequisite to begin the questline on the island. The following is a synopsis of the guide.

Players must finish Titan’s task chain on Turtle Island in order to obtain Jewel Coral. The first questline objective is “The Turtle and the Boy,” however players must be level 50 to accept it. Players must finish the chain’s five links before receiving the Jewel Coral.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rarest mount in the game?
According to the sources, this is the rarest world boss mount for a variety of reasons.

The low drop chance is certainly the most important factor, but the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent is also difficult to farm.

2. How long does 40-50 Take Lost Ark?
In Lost Ark, casual players can reach level 50 in about 25 hours. A few players devoted all of their time to leveling up their characters.

This allowed them to reach level 50 in about 15 hours, and in some cases as little as 10 hours.

3. What class has the most mobility in Lost Ark?
Gunslinger is the most mobile, but what good is that when all of her damage-doing strikes have extended animations that lock?

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