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Know Where To Find The Lost Ark Revelry Row

Mokoko Seeds are green treasures found on the bottom of the Lost Ark. Players are eligible for rewards after collecting fifty revelry row mokoro seeds.

Some seeds are buried or concealed in areas that require special songs or abilities to access. There are approximately 888 Mokoko Seeds scattered throughout the game, so you’ll have plenty to do.

This guide will show you where to find all of the revelry rows lost ark mokoro Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds. In Revelry Row, there are two Mokoko Seeds, both of which are easily accessible if you know where to look.

A complete list of Mokoko Seed locations can be seen in the section and map below.

Lost Ark Revelry Row Island

Revelry Row is a small island that requires a 250-item level to enter.

It is also known as Disco Island because of its vibrant dance floor, and it is where Arkesia’s youth spend their evenings. It exudes youth and exuberance.

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Where is Revelry Row?

Revelry Row, often known as Disco island, is a small island in the Ethulian Sea located south of the Vern continent. Arkeia’s youth come to the island at night to have fun, and it pulsates with youthful, joyful energy.

It is a region in the early game where you will most likely run to fulfill tasks, gather supplies, confront enemies, or visit traveling merchants.

When you arrive on the island, you should be able to understand why it is so different from the other islands in the game.

In the center of the island, there is a permanent club with a wide dance floor and a large number of people having a good time. The Island Token, on the other hand, is the island’s most important component.

lost ark revelry row

In Lost Ark, how can you gain Revelry Row Island?

Unbreakable should be followed. Beat the game till you get to the level where you have to harvest rare and legendary seeds. By accomplishing a few sailing challenges, you can unlock the sailing gate.

You can then enter the gate and ascend to the 25th floor of the Shadespire Tower using this key. At level 25, the guardian and sage are rather straightforward, but sailing can be challenging.

After finishing the event, check your inventory to see if you have a key to any of the gates. Then, scroll down to pick sail material for storage.

You can enter the gate if you have the key; however, these gates are only open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; check your alarm clock to see when these activities take place. This happens three times a day, so check your alarm clock before continuing.

Then, on Harmony Island, you must chat with a Legendary DJ. As a result, you must wait until Harmony Island is added to the Adventure Island cycle.

It is critical that you have a good sense of dance before leaving. It may be obtained by finishing Peter’s yellow quest. Return to Revelry Row once you’ve finished everything. View the cutscene and collect their Revelry Row island soul as a reward.

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Where Can I Find the Artifacts from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

There are various ways for players to obtain special awards in Lost Ark, an MMORPG. This page defines collectibles and masterpieces, as well as where they can be traded.

In Lost Ark, players can explore a wide amount of content, including risky quests, brutal boss encounters, exhilarating raids, and boring duties. The world is vast, and you can sail your own ship to distant islands to perform more tasks for further rewards.

The inventory features a section dubbed “Collectibles” that contains a profusion of objects to collect as you travel through Arkesia.

When you complete each area of your Collectibles, you will receive a gift that may be used to improve your character.

Potions that improve stats, potions that increase vitality, potions that increase skill points, special equipment, and even fantastic cosmetics, titles, and transformations for your character are among the rewards.

lost ark revelry row

Every Rejoicing Row Mokoko Seed Location of the Lost Ark

Here’s a map showing all the mokoko seed sites on Revelry Row, along with full instructions on how to collect them all:

  • Revelry Row is located to the south of the Ethulia Sea.
  • The first is located at the island’s southernmost point. It’s on the right side of this space, beneath a massive palm tree.
  • Obviously, the second is on the other side of the island, in this case, the north side. It is neither the northern nor the easternmost section. Here’s the exact address:
  • In Revelry Row, there is only two revelry row mokoko seeds!
  • Mokoko Seeds from the Lost Ark’s Rejoicing Row

There is also two dispersed lost ark revelry row mokoko seeds on this island. The first mokoko seed can be found right next to the island’s entrance.

The player should proceed to the palm after spawning. It is directly to the right. Proceed to the DJ stage in the island’s extreme northeast for the first mokoko seed.

Budding Entrepreneur Zenri, a non-player character, should be nearby, as should the seed. The technique for getting the island soul in the lost ark has previously been discussed in full.

Where Can I find Lost Ark Artifacts?

You should bring a Masterpiece to Sunflower Island if you have one. You can trade these things for prizes with an NPC named Alfonso Vedice who can be found here.

The Soul of Sunflowers Island, four Philanthropist’s Caskets, Rune Val, and many potions are among the rewards. There are now 52 Masterpieces accessible in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How do you get Kalhertz island tokens?

The island soul (or token) is entirely dependent on chance, which is unfortunately time-limited.

The soul can be collected from the “Gratuitous Reward Chest” or the “Released Prisoner’s Pouch,” both of which are given to your mailbox when the island’s convicts are released.

Q2- What do boss tokens do in islands?

Tokens are artifacts that can be used to bypass the summon cooldown for their respective bosses or, in the case of the Underworld, summon them.

Each boss has a unique token that cannot be combined with other tokens.

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