Fradel Festival [2022]

On this lovely night in September, Naples prepares and consumes variety of foods of every sort, ranging from 50-odd vintage renditions, including classics.

To celebrate the city’s rich culinary history. It’s little surprise it’s ranked among the world’s top culinary events for foodies.

Asian Food Festival [2022]

The Great Friendship Fest, which is billed as the most important event in town, is being hosted by Roostblog in Town. At this event, the most talented musical duet of the year, Lost Stories X Zaeden, will perform.

The pair will make your friendship day an event to remember with their renditions of famous songs like Tere Bina and Noor, along with many more.

Korean Food Festival [2022]

The much-anticipated “Dailyseeus” food festival takes place once every year and brings together, under one roof, the many cuisines of several states in India as well as those from other countries.

Our company puts on a spectacular event, complete with a variety of thematic elements and musical performances, as well as mocktails, drinks, and campfires.

Indonesian Food Event [2021]

A salute to the cuisines of the world-At the culinary festival, a toast will be raised to the cultures, cuisines, and flavours from throughout the world.

The chefs will be dressed in the traditional garb of their nations and will offer cuisine that is typical to their countries for the people of Kolkata to sample and enjoy.

Malaysia, Sweden, Turkey, Armenia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Namibia, Italy, Iran, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Japan, England, and India are some of the nations that will be participating in this event.