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Know More About Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

Vault 81 is in the central Commonwealth. It’s south of Oberland Station and west of Chestnut Hillock Reservoir. Two magazines, one bobblehead, and one companion are here.

In this article, you will learn more about where is vault 81 in fallout four and about the secret Vault and the notable loots.

Vault 81 Layout

Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

Vault 81 contains two main areas: the living Vault and the concealed observation chamber. In 2287, mole rats infiltrate the secret compartment while the conventional Vault remains occupied.

A foyer elevator and a reactor room door leading to the hidden Vault. The elevator and secret entrance don’t work until the end of Hole in the Wall.

Near the entryway and security office is the Vault. The elevator ends at the Vault. The central atrium has two floors: the top level includes a trade depot, an overseer’s office, and a spare room; the lower level has a barbershop, café, and a hallway to the residential section.

The top and bottom rooms of the western wing are vault dwellers’ homes and schools. Clinic below classroom, reactor room beyond. The reactor room’s breach in the Wall leads to Vault 81.

Secret Vault

Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

The hidden Vault is vault-shaped with dirt walls and flooring. Navigating through shattered housing walls leads to the maintenance atrium. The study and observation area is above the generators.

The observation corridor covers the depot and overseer’s office. The end gate goes into the research wing’s molerat breeding facility. 

Right of the entryway is a Master-level safe. The top-level features an entrance to the Vault, a medical room with a mole rat brood mother, and a steamer trunk. A stairway off the second level of the cells leads to a chamber with Curie and an elevator to Vault 81. 

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Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

Using the inhabitants of Vault 81 as guinea pigs, Vault-Tec set out to find a solution for every disease that might ever affect humankind.

The Vault had two sections: the public one, where people lived and worked, and also the secret one, where Vault-Tec scientists experimented on unwary inmates.

Inside each resident’s room was concealed nozzles to drive the sickness to the outside. Everyone in the Vault was to be burned to death using the same propellant nozzles in the event of an emergency evacuation.

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Notable loot

Where Is Vault 81 In Fallout 4

Vault 81 is one of the vaults that withstood the Great War and is still functional. Here are the notable loots under Vault 81 and Secret vault 81.

Vault 81

  • Grognak the Barbarian issue #5 -Reward for the side task Short Stories.
  • Taboo Tattoos issue #16 – Horatio’s barbershop.
  • Overseer’s Guardian – Combes sells Overseer’s Guardian. Destroyer armour and leg.
  • Overseer’s room key – Unlocks Jacob and Gwen’s sliding door.
  • Vault 81 security key – Vault 81’s key is with Scott Edwards and Vault security. It Opens Vault 81.

Secret Vault 81

  • Mini nuke – In the brood mother’s locker.
  • Vault 81 tech password – Research comm has Vault 81 password. Password opens a terminal.
  • Stealth Boy – Same room.
  • Medicine bobblehead – In Curie’s lab.
  • Vault 81 cure – Curie cured Vault 81.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get to Vault 81 Fallout 4?

The main Vault and the hidden Vault are connected via an elevator in the foyer and a hidden door in the reactor room.

Even if the hidden entrance is opened at the start of the mission Hole in the Wall, you won’t be able to utilize the elevator until the task is complete.

2. How do I trigger the Vault 81 quest?

You may trust either Preston Garvey or Codsworth with this mission. After finishing Here Kitty Kitty, talk to Overseer McNamara or a medical staff member in Vault 81.

Afterward, exit the Vault and wait 24 hours for Hole in the Wall to activate.

3. Where is my room, Vault 81?

The room acts as a storage unit and is positioned right across from the depot in the atrium. It is furnished with several metal shelves and boxes.

If the Sole Survivor agrees to help Dr Penske during the mission Hole in the Wall, the space will be renovated into a living area.

4. Can you get into Vault 81 without fusion cores?

McNamara will tell the player character to access the Vault that they must pay for three fusion cores. The Survivor may also pass a Hard speech check.

The supervisor has promised to give them 100 bottlecaps in exchange for the fusion cores if they decide to give them up.

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