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Guidelines- How To Throw A Grenade In Fallout 4?

First, keep pressing the melee button until you hear a click. It will let you know that the grenade is active; thus, you should toss it as soon as possible after hearing the click.

You can drastically reduce that time if you use the information provided in this article. In addition, you will get familiar with all of the basic controls, such as how to throw grenades in fallout 4, and receive a few valuable hints that will enhance how you play the game

Learn The Button Or Key For Throwing Grenades

The gameplay mechanics of Fallout 4 differ significantly from its predecessors in several ways. In addition, several action-oriented tutorials did not teach users how to hurl other types of explosives or grenades. 

The button or key corresponding to the ability to toss a grenade in Fallout 4 will differ depending on the platform you choose to play the game on.

Check the below steps:

  • Keep pressing and holding the melee button, which is the R1 button on PlayStation, the RB button on Xbox, and the Alt button if you are playing on a PC with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Keep doing this until you hear a click sound indicating that the grenade is active and ready to be hurled at foes.
  • If you miss the window of opportunity to toss the grenade, it will detonate in your hands, damaging your character in the process.

Nuka grenades are powerful nuclear grenades that are portable and highly uncommon. The explosion is comparable to a small nuke, leaving behind a trace amount of radioactive Fallout once it goes off.

In Fallout 4, it is impossible to make Nuka-Cola grenades at any of the game’s crafting benches, which is a change from previous Fallout games.

Throwing Grenades On Console Versions Of Fallout 4

Interestingly, there is a tendency that in console copies of Fallout 4, the button for throwing the grenade is the same as the button for performing melee attacks; you have to hold it down instead of pressing it. 

MovementMouse and Keyboard
Move ForwardW
Move BackS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
SprintLeft Shift
CrouchC (Toggle)
CrouchLeft Ctrl (Hold)

To activate the melee attack, keep pushing the button until you hear a click. As a result, you will know that the grenade is ready to use; hence, you should throw it as soon as you hear the click once it has occurred.

If you are not quick enough to toss a grenade, it will explode in your hands, significantly damaging your character. If this happens, you will need to restart the level.

Throwing Grenades On PC Versions of Fallout 4

When playing Fallout 4 on a personal computer, the key used to toss grenades is not the same as the one used on consoles. 

Instead, it is often the ‘E’ or ‘R’ key and sometimes the ‘G’ key. If you aren’t sure how to throw a grenade, try pressing one of these buttons while facing an open region that doesn’t have anything essential in the immediate vicinity.

Weapons and AbilitiesMouse and Keyboard
Tactical AbilityQ
Ultimate AbilityZ
Interact / PickupE
Alternate InteractX
AttackLeft Mouse Button
Aim Down SightRight Mouse Button (Toggle)
Open MapM (Toggle)
Cycle WeaponMouse Scroll Wheel
Equip GrenadeG
InventoryTAB (Toggle)
CommunicationMouse and Keyboard
PingMouse Wheel Click
Ping – Enemy HereF
Message TeamENTER
Push to TalkT (Hold)

It would seem that throwing grenades into vats is also not possible. Yes, “holding the alt key” is what you have to do to use grenades by default.

If you use the favorites system for grenades, mines, and other items, you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently equip the one you want, but you’ll still need to hold that key to throw it.

How To Use A Grenade Effectively?

How to throw a grenade in fallout 4?

Hold the grenade in the palm of your hand with the pull ring pointed towards the direction of the sky.

Your thumb should provide consistent pressure on the safety lever, the giant, square metal lever that runs from the top down the side of the grenade. Maintain constant pressure on the lever until it is time to toss the object.

  • Equipping A Grenade

To begin, check out what weapons you have. It’s the law that you register your firearms and knives. After that, you will know the most pressing questions to ask.

You presume that while adventuring around the Commonwealth, you gathered various weapons and armor components, including grenades. There have to be a lot of grenades, so make sure you have a good stockpile ready to go.

Arm yourself in the same fashion as in Fallout 4. After it has been loaded, you may continue. In this case, the firearms will be immune since they are brand new and have not been used with any weapons.

When a little tip button appears on the screen, the grenade is ready to be launched. It means the explosive charge has been attached and is ready to be released.

As far as we know, this is the first successful test of an instant-detonating grenade, which is meant to penetrate adjacent objects and produce explosions as soon as it is flung.

Probably not every time you give the player a hint. But even if it does show up, it may not reflect. You’ll have to reset everything in this case by returning to the gear screen. Proceed in that way; the clue will appear in the screen’s upper left corner. Choose the weapon with which you are most comfortable.

If the first clue (a tip in the upper left of the screen) doesn’t appear or isn’t as straightforward as it should be, you might try looking in the Support area under the grenades. But, frustratingly, this must be done repeatedly for each new kind of explosive added to the weapon.

Repeatedly arming explosives is necessary to prevent having to do it often. You may do so outside the menu if you want to change the grenade after it has been entirely built.

Since this is your first time putting anything like this together, you should expect some uncertainty; nonetheless, this is to be expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you throw things in Fallout 4?

Additional controls have been added to Fallout 4, allowing the player to adjust the direction in which an item was seized. 

The aim/block and shoot buttons both spin the item about the axis that has been chosen, whereas the sprint button alters which axis is used to rotate the object. Finally, you may toss things you have grabbed using the reload button.

2. How do you throw Nades in Fallout 4 PC?

Almost all opponents employ grenades. You can scavenge it from their dead bodies when you kill them, or you may use Chemistry Stations to make special grenades for combat.

3. How do you throw bombs in Fallout?

Keep pressing the button to use the melee attack until you hear it click. Then, it will trigger the attack.

As a consequence of this, you will recognize that the grenade is prepared for usage; therefore, you should toss it as soon as you hear the click after it has transpired that it has taken place.

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