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How To Make A Chest In Terraria?

Terraria Chest Recipe

In Terraria, chests are considered to be extremely significant for storing thousands of different weapons and items that you would come across while playing the game. You have the option to create forty different chests in Terraria.

Terraria Chest Recipe

The Terraria chest recipe includes gathering the resources in the first step. Collect the ingredients which include twenty stones, 3 torches and 4 wood of any type.

Using this you can build a furnace. Now place your furnace and stand next to it when smelting ores into bars. If you have two bars and eight wood, you can easily craft a chest now!

Terraria Chest Crafting

If you are a player of this action-adventure game of Terraria, then you must be aware of the significance of a chest. Chests are vital for storing all kinds of weapons and valuable items that you have earned and collected in the game so far.

Even though you can build different types of chests in Terraria but all of them have similar functions and they even require similar materials for construction. For example, to craft a wooden chest in Terraria, you require the following materials:

  • 8 any type of wood: You can obtain plenty of wood by chopping trees down. Chop down the trees using an axe.
  • Two iron/lead bars: If you dig underground, you will surely be able to obtain some iron/lead bars.
  • Workbench: You need the workbench to craft the chest itself.

Now that you are aware of the materials you require for building a chest, let us enlighten you with the procedure that you should follow to craft one. Grab a look at the following section.

How To Build A Chest In Terraria

Here’s the series of steps you need to follow to craft a chest in Terraria.

  • First, you should begin the process by finding out a natural cave. If you are unable to find any cave, just try digging underground. You will surely gain some iron/lead ore. Usually, the irons or the lead is situated very close to the ground. Therefore, you don’t need to dig very deep in order to get them.
  • Now that you have found the iron/lead, try to gather at least 6 iron or lead ore. You will also need 20 stones to craft the furnace for making bars. Therefore, make sure that you collect enough stones when you are making the mine for the ore.
  • Next, you should stand just beside a workbench since you now need to craft the furnace. You will need 3 torches, 4 wood along with 20 stones to craft the furnace.
  • Now you need to place your furnace and stand next to it to smelt your ore into bars.
  • Now that you have already completed crafting the two iron or lead bars, you can now start making the chest. Generally, two iron or led bars and 8 wood are required to make the chest in Terraria.
  • Now all you have to do is stand next to your workbench and look for the chest icon. You can now place the chests next to your crafting stations to utilize anything in your chest for building.
  • A chest can hold onto forty different blocks or items. So, why not build one?

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How To Make A Furnace Chest In Terraria

How To Make A Furnace Chest In Terraria

In Terraria, a Furnace generally refers to a crafting station used for majorly important blocks and items. During the initial part of the game, Furnace is required for smelting ores into bars. But as you make progress in the game, you will see that smelting ores into bars continue to play a major role in the game. The furnace can also act as a light source as it has a brightness of 80%.

To craft a Furnace, the crafting station required is a standard Work Bench. All you require is 20 Stone Blocks, 4 Wood (of any type), and 3 standard Torches.

As you play this game, you will see that you collect these very often while exploring these early in the game. Keep in mind that stone and wood are raw resources, which indicates that they don’t need to be crafted and can be obtained in their “raw” state.

On the contrary, torches can be crafted. They can also be purchased from the Merchant (when in the Jungle biome) or Skeleton Merchant for 50 copper coins each or found in naturally-occurring Chests at any layer of the map.

Wooden Chest Terraria

Here is how you can make a wooden chest in Terraria:

  • At first, gather all the resources for crafting a chest. The recipe is 8 wood of any type, 6 iron/lead bars and 20 stones. You can easily get the wood by cutting down trees. For the iron ore, you need to dig under the ground to find it. While digging, try collecting the stones as well which you will require for building the furnace.
  • Now that you have gathered your resources, head over to your workbench. Craft the furnace by using the twenty stones that you have gathered. You will also require four wood and three torch items.
  • Smelt iron/lead ores into bars. Now you need to go back to your workbench and while standing next to it, look for the chest icon.

Terraria Chest Sorting

Terraria Chest Sorting

In case you are wondering what is chest sorting or auto chest, here’s a little tip for you. Terraria Auto chest is basically a feature that provides you with quick deposits of the items that your nearby chests have. Here’s how you can organize your chest:

  • Potions
  • Weapons (Melee, magic, ranger, summoner)
  • Ammo
  • Vanity
  • Dyes
  • Crafting Stations (extra crafting units and machines)
  • Tools (picks, saws, hammers, painting brushes etc)
  • Equipment (hooks, pets, mounts etc)
  • Accessories
  • Mechanics (wiring and its tolls and traps)
  • Mob Drops (lenses, rotten chunks, worm tooth etc)
  • Nature (mushroom, flower, fallen stars, crystal hearts)
  • Ores (raw ores and bars)
  • Blocks (dirt, sand, ash, clay, stone)
  • Buildings (bricks, walls)
  • Fish (caught fish and crates)
  • Fishing Tools (bait, accessories, rods etc)
  • Furniture
  • Statues
  • Banners

Shadow Chest Terraria

Shadow Chest Terraria

The shadow chest is basically a storage space found generally in the underworld, on top of, or within ruined houses. Since all the shadow chests are initially locked, you will require a shadow key to open these chests.

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Shadow chests can also be opened with the help of a pickaxe or drill after being emptied and picked up by the player for placement use somewhere else.

Each shadow chest contains one primary item and can potentially contain many secondary items. It can also contain one or more common items.

Terraria Heavy Workbench

Generally, the heavy workbench means a crafting station that is used to make various building materials, decorative items, and mechanisms.

You can use this workbench to craft stones and tiles of sandstones, copper and tin plating, number and letter statues, and living beings. You can also craft chests in Terraria using the workbench.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Use A Chest In Terraria?

A chest basically acts as a storage space for containing all the valuables and weapons that you earn and collect during the game. It has the capacity of holding 40 stacks of items at a time. You can gather chests by using a standard pickaxe or drill. Chests will keep your items safe and secured.

2. How Do You Craft A Chest?

To craft a chest in Terraria, the recipe is two iron/lead bars and eight wood of any kind. You then need to stand beside your workbench and find the chest icon. You can craft a chest in this way in Terraria.

3. How Do You Make A Water Chest In Terraria?

A water chest is a type of chest that can be found rarely in the underwaters, in any biome. These chests are found in pools of water greater than 250 tiles, in the oceans and occasionally on floating lakes.

4. What Do You Need For Chests In Terraria?

For making a chest in Terraria, you will need 8 wood items, two iron/lead bars and a workbench. With the help of these items, you will easily be able to craft chests.

Final Words

While playing the game, you will witness that your inventory is eventually turning into a mess. This is when the chests will come into action. A chest will help you store all your valuables and weapons in an organized and safe way.

With the help of this article, now you are aware of the method to build a chest and put it into action. Hope you had a productive time reading this article! Good luck!

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