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How To Catch Azumarill Pokemon Go?

If you play Pokemon Go on a regular basis, then you must be aware of the different tasks that pop up during the game. Azumarill, being one of the most challenging ones to find in Pokemon Go, can be a bit of a hustle for you.

To ease off some of your burdens, we have prepared a series of sections enunciating different aspects and details of finding Azumarill in Pokemon Go.

How To Find Azumarill In Pokemon Go

Known to be aqua rabbit pokemon, Azumarill falls under the water/fairy type Pokemon, introduced in generation 2. They are generally vulnerable to poison, electricity and grass moves.

How To Catch Azumarill Pokemon Go?

If you wish to catch Azumarill, then finding it in the wild won’t do you any good. It doesn’t come out in the wilds easily and finding it might prove to be a challenging task.

 For your benefit, we have set out the way you can adopt to catch Azumarill easily.

How To Catch Azumarill – Spring Collection

Catching Azumarill isn’t an excessively challenging task but there are chances of missing out if you do not play strategically. Don’t waste your time by looking in the wild as there are negligible chances of it appearing there.

Azumarill’s health total is the highest in the game, which is why it takes a little longer to defeat an Azumarill. But no pokemon, regardless of their stats, can handle super effective damages for a longer duration. To encounter an Azumarill, you will have to do the following. Grab a look at the following ways to gain an idea about finding Azumarill.

  • Field research tasks

To catch Azumarill in Pokemon go, you must complete catch 15 Exeggcute field research tasks. To get this task, you have to clear out your list and continue to swipe at PokeStops until this task appears.

  • 3-star raids

Azumarill is a 3-star raid pokemon and has a CP of 9847 which makes it easier to solo with powerful grass-type or electric-type Pokemon.

Although these are not too difficult to defeat on your own but if you play with another player, the job will be much easier.

Where To Catch Azumarill – Pokemon Go

In the spring challenge in Pokemon Go, you can find the Azumarill Pokemon in the wild.

How To Catch Azumarill Pokemon Go?

Here’s how you can catch it .

  • One, defeat the Azumarill in a 3-star raid with the help of another powerful electric-type or grass-type pokemon. Remember, Azumarill itself is one of the raid bosses which indicates that you might encounter another one instead of it.
  • Second, finish the specific field research tasks. Note that you can only carry three field research tasks at a time. If you weren’t able to get the “Catch 15 Exeggcute” one at first go, it is better if you might consider discarding the tasks you have for another try.

    Note that players should have at least one free spot in the field research task list in order to get new ones. Also, you cannot get a new task from the PokeStop if you have already accomplished a task from that PokeStop on the same day. 

You can get these tasks at PokeStops or gyms that can be found in some iconic spots.

Azumarill Research Task

There are five different field research tasks for spring collection that players can get by spinning PokeStops but not all challenges will give an encounter with Azumarill. There’s only one challenge that would present you with that opportunity.

 In the spring challenge, catching Azumarill is one of the many challenging tasks in the game. However, you do not have to look around everywhere.

Instead, look around in the wild and you will surely be able to trace it. Once you have found it, make sure to use use the golden or regular Razz berry to capture it and accomplish your mission.

The Catch 15 Exeggcute Field Research task rewards players with an Azumarill encounter once completed. Even though getting it is pretty random, requiring the Stop to award it to you, once you find it, you should know that your quest is almost over.

If you cannot get the right field research task for the Azumarill encounter, you should continue to travel to other PokeStops until you find the right one.

Azumarill – Pokémon Go Raid

It is true that finding Azumarill can turn into a tiresome task but it isn’t really that difficult. You can easily find it if you follow the procedures stated above. However, the hardest part is winning the raid or battle with it. Related post Darkest Dungeon Curio Guide For Android Device .

You might already know that Azumarill is a dual-type pokemon i.e, both water and fairy pokemon. Therefore the chances of defeating it with electric-type or grass-type are more popular than using any other type.

You can use the following pokemon for a battle against Azumarill:

  • Raikou: This is an electric type legendary pokemon which brings upon electric type attacks and is enough to defeat Azumarill in a solo.
  • Zapdos: Zapdos is an electric type pokemon as well but you can consider it a slightly weaker version of Raikou.
  • Roserade: This is a grass poison type pokemon made available in the initial Gen 4 release wave.
  • Venusaur: Venusaur is a dual grass and poison type pokemon which is the most frequently used starter of generation 1.
  • Electivire: This is an electric type pokemon from generation 4. With its power of thundershock and wild charge, it can easily knock down an Azumarill.

How To Get Azumarill In Pokémon Sword

In Pokemon sword, you might have already understood that Azumaril doesn’t easily get captured in the wild. Therefore, it is better if you catch an Azurill and then let it evolve into an Azumarill.

Azurill is a normal fairy type polka dot pokemon which is weak against poison and steel type moves. Brawler’s cave area is the most popular spawn location where you can find Azurill with a 5% chance to appear during normal weather.

How To Get Azumarill In Shining Pearl

Azumarill is known to be one of the strongest water-type pokemon which can learn moves such as superpower, double edge and hydro pump with other unique abilities. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Azumarill can be obtained by evolving its previous form.

Players can catch an Azurill in shining pearl’s great marsh and then gain a high friendship to evolve it to Marill. When players battle with Azurill in their party, the friendship level automatically increases. You can use the PoKetch to track Azurill’s friendship level. Marill will evolve into Azumarill once it reaches level 18.

Azumarill – Pokémon Go Pvp

As we mentioned before, Azumarill is a dual-type pokemon which makes it harder to be defeated. When playing in a battle, the best moves an Azumarill can pull are play rough and bubble. While attacking a player, using these two moves can give you victory.

This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also considered to be the best move for battles. Also, Azumarill can be used to apply pressure on an extended fight to finally win it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Catch Azumarill In The Wild Pokemon Go?

Azumarill is definitely not a rare type of pokemon and hence finding it does not necessarily need to be an exhausting task. You might even find them in the wild area without hustling much.

2. Where Can I Catch Azumarill?

You can catch Azumarill in the wild. However, you need to use these ways to catch it.  One, defeat the Azumarill in a 3-star raid with the help of another powerful electric-type or grass-type pokemon. Second, finish the specific field research tasks.

3. Is Azumarill good in the battle league?

Azumarill is indeed one of the strongest pokemon in the battle league due to its dual-type nature. When playing in a battle, the best moves of Azumarill are play rough and bubble. The combination of these two moves has the highest total DPS and is also considered to be the best move for battles.

Final verdict

Pokemon go has evolved to be one of the most popular games all around the world. The game contains several challenges of which catching Azumarill forms part. You can consider Azumarill to be a top-tier threat as this one is often underestimated.

The article has clearly defined all the best possible ways to catch it and the moves required to defeat it. Now that you have read this article, you no more have to worry about losing the challenge. Good luck!A Complete Guide Of Age Of Decadence Console Commands And Cheats .

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