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Darkest Dungeon Curio Guide For Android Device:

Are you facing difficulty in finding Darkest Dungeons’ curios? Luckily, we have brought to you the darkest dungeon curio guide, which will truly help.

We have also shared more details about Darkest Dungeon Guide, in this blog that you should know about. 

But before delving into the topic, let’s understand what curios in Darkest Dungeon are!

What Are Curios In The Darkest Dungeon?

Curios are intriguing yet rare items like Iron Maidens, Stacks of Books, Unlocked Strongboxes, Eldritch Alters, and much more.

As your journey begins, from corridors to inside the rooms, these items can be found everywhere.

darkest dungeon curio guide

In addition to this, specific Curios can be uncovered using different map types like Courtyard, Weald, Warrens, Coves, and Ruins. 

While playing the game, it is totally up to you whether you want to ignore the Curios or not.

In most cases, we recommend you avoid them if you don’t have any clue about their effects or don’t have enough items to counter the negative effect.

Darkest Dungeon Curios Guide: How To Play The Darkest Dungeon On Android?

Do you want to play the Darkest Dungeon game on your Android device? Don’t know where to locate the curios?

Well, now it is possible to find the Curios before playing the game. If you want to have a clear idea about this game, let’s get started with this informative Darkest Dungeon guide.

1. Eerie Coral Darkest Dungeon

As Medical Herbs, Eerie Coral is the first wish of the players. There is a 100% chance that the herb reduces stress by 5 points.

Surprising right? Well, wait, we have more!

  • Eerie Coral also has a 50% chance of reducing Stress Levels by 10 points. Other stats show that:
  • It gives 5 health points.
  • There is a 25% chance of increasing stress by 25 points.
  • Also, there is a 25% chance that nothing will happen.

2. Abomination Darkest Dungeon

Don’t know much about Abomination? Don’t worry, we shared all the details you want to know!

First things first, Abomination has 2 unique sets of abilities. He can change his abilities by switching forms using Transform or depending on what abilities he needs.

However, he cannot Transform back into the Human form while he is in the battle.

Wanna know more?

You cannot command him manually for transformation.

He might return to a human form when he suffers an affliction while fighting with the foe.

3. Shard Dust Darkest Dungeon

A shard can be bought in the provision menu’s item list of The Color of Madness DLC.

darkest dungeon curio guide

How much does it cost, you ask? Well, you can pay for it in the exchange for Comet Shards. One good thing is that it can give a powerful SPD and DMG to heroes. 

What’s its use? You can use Shard Dust to refresh and regain the limited use skills. It helps you to use skills including primary skills (Man-at-Arms’ Bolster) many times in any battle.

However, it can cause debuffs and unpredicted stress damage. And it cannot be removed at any cost.

That means, that whenever you are using Shard Dust in high-end dungeons, you need to be fully ready for stress buildup.

4. Darkest Dungeon Flagellant

A Flagellant is said to be an excellent multi-purpose character that can be used for long fights in Darkest Dungeon. Moreover, this playable fighter is exclusive to The Crimson Court DLC.

If you compare him to other classes, this man is truly unique. The only reason for this is, that he grows on the ruin of his mind as well as his body.

And the only Affliction it acquires is Rapturous when he is dead in the endless mode of Farmstead. After affliction the final figure is +3 SPD, -20 DODGE, and +25% DMG.

Furthermore, when he is rapturous, he can attack any random targets and foes, or even himself or other party members.

He receives a buff for +20% DMG, and +7% CRIT when he has a deep fall below 40% HP.

In addition, Flagellant gives 10% healing to other members when he clears his way to the Death’s Door. Though he never gets any Recovery debuffs, he can receive them from heart attacks.

Here are two other major drawbacks:

  • He cannot obtain any negative Quirks for Stress Relief.
  • He cannot embark with other Flagellants.

5. The Courtyard

Are you wondering, “What is The Courtyard in Darkest Dungeon?” Or how to find it?

Well, it is initially introduced with the Crimson Court DLC. And let us tell you how difficult it is!

It neither shares similarities with other dungeons, nor the maps seen in it are generated randomly. Besides, the Maps are large.

The best thing about this is that all the monsters you will face will help your heroes to get the crimson curse. In Courtyard Curios, you will also notice a situation:

Pile of strange bones Darkest Dungeon, and that will further lead you to another situation.

In Pile of strange bones, you will get a 50% chance to loot and receive x1 here.

Otherwise, it has:

  • Bleed (50%)
  • Disease (20%)
  • Loot x2 (20%)
  • Nothing (20%)

6. Baron Map Darkest Dungeon

This is where the most confusing part begins. The Baron Maps help you an adventure in the center-west.

darkest dungeon curio guide

On the map, your first mission is to get the precious red key to the south. Once you complete this, just go back.

When you reach the center again you need to go to the big intersection, so simply start going to the east.

Then, go to the south to get the blue key and to the north to get the yellow key. Next, go back to the center to go to the right side.

Once you are there, the only remaining green key that can give you access to the Baron. Then, go back near the center and move to the right side.

Now, you will be facing the boss!

7. Darkest Dungeon Weald

Weald is said to be the second explorable dungeon in the game. Pass through the woods to find Hamlet. 

You will find many shallow graves here, so make sure to take two to three antivenom to cure blight and two extra shovels. You can use extra bandages on curious and cure bleeding.

In addition, you can take two holy water. Besides, herbs and curio interaction will give you more food. 

Here is the list of darkest dungeon weald curios you can find here:

  • Beast Carcass

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Ancient Coffin

Item: None

  • Mummified Remains

Item: Bandage

  • Eerie Spiderweb

Item: Bandage

  • Left Luggage

Item: Skeleton Key or Antivenom

  • Old Tree

Item: Antivenom

  • Shallow Grave

Item: Shovel

  • Pristine Fountain

Item: Holy Water

  • Troubling Effigy

Item: Holy Water

  • Traveler’s Tent

Item: None

8. Darkest Dungeon Cove

The interesting part of the game begins right here! The cove is the second to last dungeon explorable in the Darkest Dungeon. Plus, it is a water-clogged nightmare too.

darkest dungeon curio guide

The Cove is filled with Pelagic Horrors. Moreover, it was delivered by the Ancestor to deliver confidential artifacts. 

Below we have shared the list of Dark Dungeon Cove Curios that you are most likely to come across.

  • Brackish Tide Pool

Item: Antivenom

  • Barnacle Crusted Chest

Item: Shovel

  • Bas Relief

Item: None (Shovel)

  • Fish Idol

Item: Holy Water

  • Eerie coral darkest dungeon

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Fish Carcass

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Giant Oyster

Item: Shovel

  • Ship’s figurehead darkest dungeon


9. Warrens Darkest Dungeon

darkest dungeon curio guide

After completing the Weald and collecting the strange things, now is the time to explore Warrens. It is the third explorable dungeon in the game.

Warrens is said to be an ancient and amazing system of aqueducts. Don’t know what Aqueducts are?

Well, these ancient tunnels are built for unknown purposes.

Here is the list of useful Warrens Curios Darkest Dungeon you might find here.

  • Dinner Cart

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Bone Altar

Item: None

  • Makeshift Dining Table

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Moonshine Barrel

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Pile of strange bones darkest dungeon

Item: Holy Water

  • Occult Scrawlings

Item: None (Holy Water) 

  • Rack Of Blades

Item: Bandage

  • Pile Of Scrolls

Item: Torch

  • Sacrificial Stone

Item: None

Did we miss something? Yes, we haven’t shared a more curios list with you. So here it is!

General Curios

You can find General curios in any location or a dungeon. So here is the most awaited list of curios:

  • Sconce

Item: None

  • Sack

Item: None

  • Discarded Pack

Item: None

  • Stack Of Books

Item: None (Torch)

  • Crate

Item: None

  • Heirloom Chest

Item: Skeleton Key or Antivenom

  • Unlocked Strongbox

Item: None

  • Eldritch Altar

Item: Holy Water

  • Shambler’s Altar

Item: Torch

Ruins Curios

darkest dungeon curio guide

If you overcome the undead shambling inside, you might find plenty of items in the ruins. So here it is:

  • Bookshelf

Item: None

  • Altar Of Light

Item: Holy Water

  • Alchemy Table

Item: Torch or Medicinal Herbs

  • Decorative Urn

Item: Holy Water or Shovel

  • Confession Booth

Item: Holy Water

  • Holy Fountain

Item: Holy Water

  • Iron Maiden

Item: Medicinal Herbs

  • Suit Of Armor

Item: None

  • Locked Display Cabinet

Item: Skeleton Key or Shovel

  • Sarcophagus

Item: None

  • Locked Sarcophagus

Item: Skeleton Key or Shovel

These are the curios we have spotted so far. That’s it!

What next?

In the next section, we are going to discuss answers to the most commonly asked question.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is abomination any good Darkest Dungeon?

Yes! The abomination darkest dungeon character is perfect because it can switch from using Transform. His two forms are human and beast form.

Once he transforms back into the human form, you cannot use the Transform again while in the same battle.

2. What does shard dust do in Darkest Dungeon?

The shard dust in the darkest dungeon gives debuffs and significant stress damage. Aside from this, it also gives more power to the heroes.

3. How do I unlock Flagellant?

If you want to unlock the darkest dungeon flagellant, you need to have Crimson Court DLC installed in the same game.

You cannot unlock Flagellant right away. Sources say that it will be seen in Hamlet from week 5 onwards.

4. How do you beat the Baron in darkest dungeon? 

The best way to defeat the Baron in the game is by simply applying Bleed. You can also try hitting it hard as possible, but we suggest the former.

He acts three times each round, so using thrice-activated Bleed will drain out his health.

5. How do you get baron map darkest dungeon?

You can get the Baron Map in the Darkest Dungeon after Baron is killed in the “Morbid Entertainment” quest (LVL 3 Epic) in the Courtyard.

Once he loses the battle, he drops the quest “Served Cold” as well as a Set Trinket.

Our Final Words

We hope our complete darkest dungeon curio guide was helpful to you. As we all know, this is one of the most top-rated treasure hunting games.

It becomes extremely important to learn everything about it before you begin your game journey. In this read, we have tried to cover all the aspects related to the Curios.

So make sure to read this complete guide. Visit our website more often to get more gaming-related stuff. Have a great gaming experience!

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