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Lantern Recipe Minecraft: How to Make and Use Lanterns in Mineral:

Any Minecraft player who wishes to utilise lanterns to decorate their home or offer lighting in dimly lit areas must become proficient in their building and utilisation. 

This page will describe how to make lanterns, what they are used for, and where to find them if you want to learn how to be crafty.

How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft:

In order to make a lantern in Minecraft, you’ll need the following supplies:

8 iron slivers

1 Torch

To make lanterns, follow these instructions:

  • Launch your crafting grid or table.
  • Around the outer boundaries of the crafting grid, scatter 8 iron nuggets; leave the middle unfilled.
  • In the centre of the crafting grid, put the torch.
  • The lantern will show up in the result box once you’ve arranged the components according to the right pattern.
  • To finish the crafting procedure, transfer the lantern to your inventory.

Where to Find a Lantern in Creative Mode

Lanterns are conveniently located in the inventory menu in creative mode. To find the lantern, take these steps:

  • Start Minecraft in the creative mode.
  • Simply hit the “E” key to access your inventory
  • Enter “lantern” in the search bar or inventory tabs, or go to the building blocks area.
  • To pick and add the lantern to your hotbar or into the game environment, locate the icon and click it.

How to Craft a Lantern in Survival Mode

Use the same procedures as previously to make a lamp in survival mode. Make sure you have the required supplies, which are 8 iron nuggets and 1 torch. Mining, smelting iron ore, and making torches out of coal, charcoal, and sticks are all ways to get these materials.

What Materials Do You Need to Craft Lanterns in Minecraft

The following resources are required to make lanterns in Minecraft:

8 Iron Nuggets: These can be earned in the Nether by slaying zombie piglins or by smelting iron ingots.

1 Torch: Sticks and coal or charcoal can be used to make a torch.

Before attempting to make lanterns, gather the necessary supplies.

What Are Lanterns Used For in Minecraft?

  • In Minecraft, lanterns have various functions. These are some typical applications for lanterns:
  • Luminous source: 
  • Decorative and dependable lighting is offered by lanterns. Since they produce light at a level of 15, equivalent to that of a torch, they are perfect for illuminating your surroundings.
  • An ornamental component :
  • Lanterns can be utilised to adorn your homes, gardens, walkways, and other constructions. Any structure benefits from its cosy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Torches cannot be used underwater, although lanterns can be placed there without going out. Because of this, they are ideal for constructing underwater buildings or illuminating ocean depths.
  • Lanterns’ light-emitting properties deter hostile spawning nearby and serve as a mob deterrent. You can assist make safer zones in your environment by placing lamps in strategic locations.


1. Are lamps able to be powered on or off?

No, lanterns in Minecraft do not require an outside power source, nor can they be shut off. They start out with a continuous light output.

2. Could lanterns be used as smelting fuel?

The fuel for smelting or any other crafting recipe cannot be obtained from lanterns. They are just meant to be used for decoration and lighting.

3. Are walls or ceilings suitable places to hang lanterns?

Yes, there are many different ways to position lanterns, including on walls, floors, and ceilings. They can be mounted on walls with the help of appropriate blocks or hung from ceilings using chains.

4. Can lanterns be customised or dyed?

No, not yet; in Minecraft, lanterns cannot be coloured or altered. They look fixed and give out a nice yellow glow.

5. Can lanterns be shattered after being set up and collected?

Yes, lanterns can be damaged by hand or with any tool. They self-destruct when damaged, allowing you to gather them and use them elsewhere in your environment.


Lanterns are a useful addition to your Minecraft inventory because they have both functional and aesthetic advantages. 

You can make lanterns to illuminate your world and improve the aesthetic appeal of your builds by following the crafting method and collecting the relevant ingredients. Play around with placement and savour the warm warmth that lanterns offer.

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