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Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies?

Meringue is a delicious dessert that is used in baking in a variety of ways. It is a common ingredient in many European dishes and is produced by blending sugar and vigorously beaten egg whites.

You could also put them in a freezer stored in an airtight container, this method would extend its life by 2-3 months.

Meringue is a sort of dessert that you might be storing up a lot of due to its many uses. Perhaps you purchased or baked too much and are now concerned about storage.

A Lot of people question whether you freeze it or not. The answer is yes, you can freeze meringue cookies. 

A dessert that doesn’t readily go bad is meringue, as opposed to an almond sour cream cake that needs to be kept in the refrigerator.

In fact, as long as you store it properly, you may leave it at room temperature and it will still be fresh or safe to eat.

Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies?

Meringues freeze well as well. In fact, if you want to extend the shelf – life of meringue, this is your best choice.

Meringues can be used or consumed after being frozen for up to three months.

Make sure the cookies have cooled to room temperature before freezing the meringues. Then put them in a freezer-safe container’s bottom layer in a single layer.

Over the top, place a layer of parchment paper. The cookies should continue to be layered in this manner, but avoid pressing down.

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Label the container after it has been sealed so you will know when to put it in the freezer.

How To Freeze Meringue Cookies?

Can you freeze meringue cookies

Meringues can be frozen, but you must be careful that they don’t absorb any moisture when they defrost, as this will soften the exterior of the meringue.

Be sure to properly follow the instructions if you intend to freeze a whole batch, avoid crushing or breaking the meringue.

Tips To Freeze Meringue Cookies

  • Most people will be working with baked meringue, so it’s critical to wait until it’s completely cooled before continuing.
  • To cool down, It is recommended to put your homemade meringue in the fridge for around thirty minutes.
  • Get a container that can be sealed and is big enough to hold your meringue while the meringue is chilling in the refrigerator.
  • Use as many containers as necessary to accommodate the desired portion sizes if you are freezing a large quantity of meringue that won’t be consumed all at once.
  • Make sure that finished meringue cookies can fit into the container without being crushed.
  • Put a single layer of meringue down in your container and top with a sheet of parchment paper if you’re just storing that.
  • Repeat this procedure to add additional layers until your container(s) are full.
  • You can move your container to the freezer after it has been labeled and sealed. To keep meringue cookies as cold as possible, It is recommended to store them at the back of the freezer.
  • Because every time you open the freezer door, the temperature rises, and goods in the front may begin to defrost slightly.

How To Keep Meringue Cookies For Longer?

It is quite safe to store baked meringue at room temperature. Simply store your meringue in an airtight jar and keep it at room temperature for up to three weeks for it to remain fresh.

If you choose to keep your meringue at room temperature, make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight as this will substantially raise the temperature and cause them to spoil.

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You could also put them in a freezer stored in an airtight container, this method would extend its life by 2-3 months.

But it is recommended to consume the cookies as soon as possible, as they may lose their flavor over time.

How To Thaw Meringue Cookies?

How To Thaw Meringue Cookies

The secret to defrosting frozen meringue is a little bit of perseverance. The best way to defrost frozen meringue is to put the container in the refrigerator overnight.

More than any other way, this slower procedure will help your meringue come back to life and maintain its original consistency.

Your meringue shouldn’t be defrosted at room temperature. Avoid putting meringue directly at room temperature, since the eggs may spoil. It merely serves as a quick way to destroy your meringue.

Simply thaw the meringue in the refrigerator before warming it in the oven for a few minutes just before serving if you prefer a warm meringue for your specific dish.

Tips And Tricks To Store Meringue Cookies

  • Egg whites should always be cooked while preparing meringues to prevent salmonella poisoning.
  • When making meringue, avoid using egg whites in a package. A stable meringue made of egg whites can’t form if they’ve been pasteurized. For superior volume, we advise fresh eggs over “liquid egg whites previously packaged.”
  • Avoid over-whipping egg whites. (Egg whites that have been over-beaten seeming dry, lumpy, or hard.) Always turn your mixer on low, medium-low, or medium speed when beating egg whites.
  • Meringues shouldn’t be made on humid days. Meringues become chewy and sticky under humid conditions.
  • Because meringues tend to colorfast, bake them at low temperatures. 200°F for an hour, or until dry, is what we advise. A meringue’s size will determine how long it takes.
  • After baking, keep firm meringues inside the oven for a slow, crack-resistant cooling process.
  • Baked meringues are to be kept in dry, sealed containers. Typically, they can be frozen for up to a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do meringues freeze well?

Meringues can be frozen, but you must take care to prevent moisture absorption during defrosting since this will soften the meringue’s outside. 

Meringue cookies should be kept at the back of the freezer to keep them as cold as possible. 

Since the temperature in the freezer increases every time the door is opened, some items in the front may start to gradually thaw.

Freezing the meringues can extend their life by three months.

2. Why do meringues not freeze?

They could be placed in a freezer and if kept there in an airtight container, it could increase their shelf life by 2 to 3 months.

Fresh-made meringues, before freezing them, make sure the cookies have cooled to room temperature. Then stack them in a single layer on the bottom of a freezer-safe container.

Put a layer of parchment paper on top. Continue layering the cookies in this fashion, being careful not to push them down.

After it has been sealed, label the container so you will know when to freeze it.

However, it is advised to eat the cookies as soon as possible because they may lose their flavor over time.

3. How long can you store meringue cookies?

If you decide to store your meringue at room temperature, be careful to keep them away from direct sunlight because it will significantly boost the temperature and speed up the process of spoilage.

They could also be placed in a freezer and kept there in an airtight container, which would increase their shelf life by 2 to 3 months.

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