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Tips And Tricks- Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

Absolutely! When frozen correctly, goat cheese, along with most other types of cheese, maintains its integrity very well. The important word there is “correctly.”

The taste profile of goat cheese is rather sensitive, and if care is not taken, it is easy for it to acquire characteristics that are not desirable.

You need not fear, though, since if you keep your goat cheese properly, it may remain edible for many months with very little to no loss of taste. 

Let’s go in and find out how you can freeze goat cheese.

Could You Freeze Goat Cheese?

Freezing goat cheese is an undeniably necessary step that must not be skipped. It is possible to freeze cheeses such as goat cheese without causing a substantial change to their flavor or texture; hence, this is an ideal approach for prolonging the cheese’s shelf life.

Tips And Tricks- Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

However, it’s not as simple as keeping some goat cheese in the freezer, slamming the door shut, and moving on with your day. There is more work needed in freezing goat cheese than that. 

Nevertheless, it is a method that, when done correctly, can perfectly preserve your wonderful goat cheese, ready to be enjoyed at a later period when you want to do so. 

To ensure that your goat cheese is properly frozen, it is imperative that you acquire the necessary tools and attentively go through each of the precautions outlined below.

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A Few Precautions: 

Check to see whether your goat cheese is good enough to freeze. If you detect any of the following indicators, it is highly recommended that you throw it out as soon as possible.

  1. Are there indications that it is becoming worse? (Mold or discoloration)
  2. Is it starting to take on an unpleasant odor? (As the cheese deteriorates, its smell may sometimes become less distinctive.)
  3. Is the distinctive taste of goat cheese fading away, or has it completely disappeared?
  4. To put it another way, you shouldn’t freeze the cheese if there are any signs that it will go bad before you do so. Even while the deterioration process is slowed down by freezing it, it is impossible to halt what is already in motion.
  5. You are removing as much oxygen from the cheese as is humanly feasible before freezing is essential to the cheese’s preservation. The separation of the cheese is an effective method for accomplishing this goal.

If you are going to freeze fontal, for instance, you should break it up into small pieces and wrap it extremely tightly in cling wrap or place it in a freezer bag before placing it in the freezer.

The substance can dry and crumbly if frozen in a huge block first. You may lessen the likelihood of the cheese becoming rancid by minimizing the air it receives as much as possible.

How To Freeze Goat Cheese Properly?

There are many ways that the cheese from goats may be produced. However, no matter how thick it is, you should avoid exposing it to oxygen as much as possible.

Tips And Tricks- Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

It is the utmost essential component. Even if the temperature is far below freezing, oxygen may still destroy the flavor of food (especially over time).

1. Goat Cheese Blocks

  • Partition the log- If you don’t need the full block, cut it into 12 to 1 lb (200 to 500 g) chunks. You may grate the block into half- to one-pound chips (200 to 500 grams).
  • Cover each piece- Wrap each part in foil, cheese paper, or plastic.
  • The parts should be frozen- Freezer bags are safe, reusable, and washable for cold storage. Use an airtight plastic container if you don’t have a freezer bag.
  • Empty the freezer bag- Air taints frozen food tastes. Squeeze as much air out of a freezer bag to keep goat cheese fresh.
  • Freeze the bag or container- Seal the freezer bag to avoid freezer burn from dry air. If you’re using plastic containers, fasten the lids.
  • Cheese labeling- Date the freezer bag or container with a marker. It helps monitor how long goat cheese has been frozen.
  • Chill- Once packaged, freeze goat cheese. Make sure the freezer is -9°F (-23°C).

2. Goat Cheese Spread (Soft)

  • Freeze the goat cheese spread- Goat cheese spreads come in plastic or glass containers.
  • Do not scoop cheese from its packaging- put the whole package in a freezer bag or sealed plastic container.
  • Empty the freezer bag- Venting the freezer bag helps keep spreadable goat cheese fresh. Manually squeeze the air out, rapidly close the bag, or use a machine.
  • Freeze the bag or container- Seal the freezer bag to keep out dry air. If you’re using plastic, fasten the lid.
  • Date frozen- Date the freezer bag or container with a marker.
  • Chill- Keep cheese at -9 °F (-23 °C).

Thawing Goat Cheese Properly

The ideal method for thawing frozen cheese is to place it in the refrigerator and let it there for at least one night or longer until the cheese becomes more malleable.

A slow temperature change will keep a better quality frozen product. After that, please give it a good toss to restore the cheese’s creamy consistency.

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1. Thawing Ahead of Time

Keep the cheese in the refrigerator for at least 24 to 48 hours. It would help if you took the container and put it on a shelf inside your refrigerator.

Tips And Tricks- Can You Freeze Goat Cheese?

You should refrigerate your cheese for between 24 and 48 hours, depending on how thick the cheese is. It is OK to leave deli slices in their packaging at room temperature for up to twenty-four hours, but huge blocks of cheese will need forty-eight hours.

2. Thawing In A Hurry

It is possible to defrost cheese in the microwave if you are in such a rush that you cannot wait any longer. However, when it comes to freezing and thawing, tougher cheeses (such as cheddar or provolone) are preferable to softer cheeses (such as ricotta or brie).

It is because soft cheese tends to sweat and melt when it is defrosted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does goat cheese freeze well?

Goat cheese can be frozen without any problems at all. YES! Freezing cheese, such as goat cheese, is an excellent technique to retain it for a longer period since it does not significantly alter the taste or texture of the cheese.

2. How do you store goat cheese in the freezer?

Wrap each piece with a saran wrap securely. As I previously said, you might use a Food Saver for this step, but to prevent the cheese from being melted and mushy due to the Food Saver’s suction, you will need to freeze it on a plate.

3. How long can you freeze goat cheese?

The taste of goat cheese is preserved in the freezer for up to six months, making it the optimal period to consume. However, after it has been defrosted, you will only have around a three-month window to utilize it.

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