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Mastering the Depths: Crafting the Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

There are various obstacles to conquer in the large and immersive world of Minecraft, including diving beneath the surface. A water breathing potion can be a useful tool for navigating these depths with ease. We’ll walk you through the steps of creating a water breathing potion in Minecraft in this tutorial. We’ll outline the steps you take, list the supplies needed, and even look into other approaches to creating the effects of breathing water.

How to Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

Here are the steps to making a water breathing potion:

Compile the Required Materials: 

Make sure you have a brewing stand, flame powder, nether wart, and a water bottle in your inventory before you begin brewing.

Making an awkward potion: 

Put the nether wart in as the main ingredient and put the water bottle to the brewing stand. As a result, an odd potion will be produced.

Including a Pufferfish:

The next step is to locate a pufferfish, which you can do via fishing or by exploring an underwater habitat. Pufffish should be added to the brewing stand. A water breathing potion will emerge from the awkward potion.

The Water Breathing Potion should be collected:

Pick up the water breathing potion from the brewing stand after the brewing is finished. Now, you can spend longer underwater without having to frequently surface for air.

Where to Find This Potion in Creative Mode

All objects and potions are accessible from the inventory while in creative mode. All you have to do is access the inventory menu and look for the water breathing potion. The potion can then be chosen and used as required.

What You Need to Make a Water Breathing Potion

You will require the following ingredients to create a water breathing potion:

flammable powder:

obtained through crafting or from Nether blaze creatures.

Infinite Wart: 

either discovered in Nether strongholds or grown with the aid of soul sand and nether wart.

Bottle of water: 

made with water sources and glass bottles.

Required Materials to Make This Potion

Bring together the following ingredients to make a water breathing potion:

  • Blaze Powder x1
  • Nether Wart x1
  • Water Bottle x1
  • Pufferfish x1

How to Craft This Potion in Survival Mode

  • To make a water breathing potion in survival mode, perform the following actions:
  • How to get blaze powder 
  • To gain blaze rods, enter the Nether and battle blazing mobs. Blaze rods can be transformed into blaze powder using a crafting table.
  • Purchase a Nether Wart: 
  • Find areas of nether wart growing on blocks of soul sand by exploring Nether strongholds. Break the nether wart with any tool to collect it.
  • Handmade Water Bottle 
  • On a crafting table, arrange three glass blocks in the shape of a “V” to create a water bottle.
  • Set Up the Brewing Stand: 
  • Construct a brewing stand with a flame rod and three cobblestones. the brewing stand should be set down.
  • Make a water breathing potion: 
  • Put the water bottle in one of the bottom slots of the brewing stand. The main component should be the nether wart. To get the water breathing potion, put the pufferfish to the top slot after the brewing process is finished.
  • Gather and Use: 
  • The water breathing potion can be taken from the brewing station and put in your inventory. Simply choose the potion and employ it as required to bring about its effects.

Alternatives to Potion of Water Breathing

  • The following solutions should be taken into account if you are unable to gather the required components or wish to find a different technique to obtain water breathing effects:
  • Helmet of Enchantment :
  • You can mine blocks underwater at a regular speed and for a longer period of time if you get a helmet with the Aqua Affinity enchantment.
  • Power Conduit: 
  • Prismange blocks can be used to create a conduit construction that can be turned on with a few nautilus shells. You will receive the Conduit Power effect from the conduit, enabling you to breathe underwater and see better.


1. Can I consume many water breathing potions to lengthen the effect’s duration?

Ans. No, using numerous water breathing potions won’t make the effect last longer. The duration cannot be stacked and is defined by the particular potion.

2. Can I create a water breathing potion without a pufferfish and with another kind of fish instead?

Ans .No, in Minecraft you can only use pufferfish to make a water breathing potion.

3. Does consuming a water breathing potion have any negative side effects?

Ans. No, there are no harmful side effects from ingesting a water breathing potion. You can only breathe underwater for a limited amount of time with its help.

4. Is it possible to combine the water breathing potion with other brews for more potent results?

Ans. Yes, water breathing potions may be brewed with to make more complex potions with a variety of effects. Discover potions that are potent by experimenting with various combinations.

5. How long does the impact of water breathing last?

Ans. The three-minute water breathing effect is normal. But by adding redstone dust to the potion during the brewing process, the impact can be prolonged for a further eight minutes.


You may greatly improve your underwater exploration experience in Minecraft by becoming an expert at making water breathing potions. You can make your own water breathing potion and confidently scuba dive deep into the ocean depths by following the instructions provided in this article. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to obtain the required supplies or look into other options. Enter the world of Minecraft and dive in to experience thrilling underwater adventures!

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